Name: Annabel Kerr

Business: Annabel Kerr Interior Design Year founded: 2021

How did you begin your career in interiors?: I began drawing houses from as early as I can remember! After school I travelled and then returned to Melbourne to study Interior Design. I was lucky enough to work as a student at an Architecture firm whilst studying, who then employed me once I graduated. I have since worked for some brilliant firms who have led me to where I am now.

Describe your signature interior style in three words: Considered, warm and classic

Would these be the same three words for your personal style, fashion-wise?: Good question. I would like to say my day-to-day looks were considered, however the reality of two young girls means that quite often they are not! I do try to put on a nice outfit each morning and I would say I have quite a classic and simple personal style.  

What is on your wardrobe wish list? The Flamenco clutch in chocolate from Loewe and anything from V&W and Marle from Mayfield

Morning beverage of choice?: My husband brings me an English Breakfast tea in bed every morning. 

Favourite colour and why do you gravitate towards it?: My husband has taught our 3 year old that my favourite colour is beige; he's not wrong.

What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to find or identify their own interior style?: It might sound simple, but my best advice would be to take the time to find what you gravitate toward and do your research. You don’t have to have a particular style; buy what you like and collect special items over time.  


What are your top homewares or furnishing stores/brands?: Oh gosh, too many to mention! Locally, I always find myself in Boom - there is such a wonderful selection of artists housed there. I do a lot of work with Zachary Frankel who is just the loveliest furniture maker in Melbourne doing incredible work. Anything vintage. 

What is next for Annabel Kerr interiors?: I really am so excited for 2024, it’s going to be exciting and different in many ways. We have a few photoshoots planned, along with travel and some new clients who I can’t wait to work alongside.

Annabel's Mayfield picks:

Moses Shirt by V&W

Merino Top in white by Friends With Frank


Jane Flat by La Tribe


Pilot Pant by V&W $390 


Mayweather Trench by V&W



Alyssa Assymetrical Bag by Vestiri 

Ego Cardi by V&W 

Juliard Shirt Dress by V&W

Dior Belt by V&W