Mayfield Muse: Lib Carter // Monte 


Name: Lib Carter 

Label: Monte  

Year founded: 2018 


We hear you and Annie are old pals? 

Yes! I grew up with Annie and we have been friends for over 30 years. 

What inspired you to create your label? 

My husband’s love of hotel slippers. I was cleaning out the cupboard one day and there were so many old pairs of hotel slippers, and I had a thought – I needed to find him something he could wear in and out of the house because he was wearing hotel slippers to the beach, out for coffee – everywhere.

I researched and found there were cheap department store slippers you wouldn’t want to be seen out in, then not much of a middle ground before designer slippers that cost hundreds of dollars. There was nothing that sat nicely in-between price ranges that could move seamlessly from inside to out.



Describe your brand in three words… 

Classic, chic, cosy.  

Favourite item this season?

Can’t get me out of Friends with Frank’s Thomas Coat. It’s on high rotation … paired with our shearling slippers of course! 

Who’s your style icon?

Elsa Peretti 


First big fashion splurge you've ever made? 

Saint Laurent Tote 

Biggest ever fashion mistake? 

Ripped jeans tied up with ribbons (Annie will remember...) 

Best motto you live by?  

"The biggest risk is not taking any risk" Mark Zuckerberg

Morning beverage of choice? 

Long black  


Something you’ve read/watched/listened to that has inspired you lately? 

Loved the J.LO doco … That woman is FIERCE … and makes me feel very unbusy. 

Favourite place to holiday?

New York followed by the Caribbean.

What’s next in the world of Monte?

We’re exploring new styles for next winter and also working on a major brand partnership. Stay tuned! 

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