Mayfield Muse: Courtney Price // Elka Collective




Courtney Price 


 Elka Collective 

 Year founded:  




What inspired you to create your label?  

In 2014 I felt there was gap for affordable quality clothing, made from premium fabrics and fibres. I wanted to create an Australian brand that was accessible in price, but still felt exclusive and luxe.  

Describe your brand in three words.  

Effortless, timeless, versatile. 

Favourite item this season?  

Spring 21 – Elka’s Rise Knit and Paradise Pant. The perfect work from home outfit that doesn’t leave you embarrassed when DHL deliveries arrive.



Who’s your style icon?  

Timeless icon: Phoebe Philo
Modern muse: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for her chic instagram outfits.

  First big fashion splurge you ever made?  

An Isabel Marant mohair coat & Chloe boots (I still have the Isabel Marant coat).



Biggest ever fashion mistake?  

Tencel jeans.  

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?  

You never regret being kind. 



Morning beverage of choice?  

I’ve recently been introduced to oat chai lattes.
Although on home schooling days...   

Something you’ve read/watched/listened to that has inspired you lately? 

I'm often listening to the How I Built This podcast with Guy Raz on my drive to work – stories of innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists. It’s nice to learn where brands began their story, their trials and successes, and what they took away from it in the end. 

Favourite colour (or fave colour right now) and why do you love it?  

 I’ve always be drawn to dusty blue tones like sea mist blue, they evoke a sense of calm.   



Favourite place to holiday (when we can!)?  

City – Tokyo, Beach – Bora Bora 

What’s next in the world of Elka Collective? 

Hopefully another retail store on the horizon & international wholesale expansion. For now though, I would be content with being back the office with the Elka team, I miss seeing my girls in person! 




S H O P   T H E   E L K A   E D I T   N O W